Kwang Taik Kim

NextG Ajar/Open Architectures, Edge Platform, Digital Communications & Real-Time Wireless Networking Protocols

Overview of Research Projects

The current research thrusts of my group focus on: 5G/NextG ajar/open architectures of radio access networks, real-time edge platform architectures, air-interface & networking protocol designs, and experiementation (e.g.,, to provide feasibility and resilience studies for state-of-the-art theoretical advances in wireless communications & networking, core, and edge computing.



Book Chapters

  • 5G System Design – Architectural and Functional Considerations and Long Term Research Chapter 12 - Traffic Steering and Resource Management. In: (eds. Patrick Marsch, Ömer Bulakci, Olav Queseth, Mauro Boldi)
    Ömer Bulakci, Klaus Pedersen, David Gutierrez Estevez, Athul Prasad, Fernando Sanchez Moya, Jan Christoffersson, Yang Yang, Emmanouil Pateromichelakis, Paul Arnold, Tommy Svensson, Tao Chen, Honglei Miao, Martin Kurras, Samer Bazzi, Stavroula Vassaki, Evangelos Kosmatos, Kwang Taik Kim, Giorgio Calochira, Jakob Belschner, Sergio Baarberis, and Taylan Sahin (2018)
    Wiley, New York, June 2018, 608 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-119-42512-0.

Granted Patents